Review|Delectable by Cake Beauty Ultra Nourishing Hand Cream



I know lately I have been doing reviews on a lot of products and not really doing any other blogs but because I have been on such a long hiatus I just wanted to share with you guys all of the things I found and fell in love with. With that being said, in my November Ipsy Bag, I was introduced to Delectable by Cake Beauty. I got the mint flavored lotion in my bag and I was not a fan of the smell but once I added it to my purse it became a necessary staple. In fact I bought this 4 pack from Amazon for $16. It comes travel size ready and the shea butter is perfect. My hands look and feel great. The 4 pack comes with four different scents, (lemon, coconut, strawberry and vanilla). I personally do not like the smell of vanilla or coconut things but the scent on this lotion is not overbearing enough to make me care.

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Review| Model Model Premium Wig Leola

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Brand: Model Model

Type: Premium Synthetic Wig

Color: 1B

Heat up to 400 F ( I did not test this out)

Current Price: 15.19 (58% off Ebonyline)

My Initial Thoughts:

The wig started off extremely flat and as lifeless as the picture shown on the box. The only reason this did not sway my decision on buying it was because I saw the wig on a mannequin head and knew I had to at least try it. My original thought on my head was that I should probably cut a couple pieces in the front to give it a better shape for my face but as the week went on I was satisfied that I did not do this. The immediately started growing in size (well with the help of the wind trying to take it off my head as many times as it could get. WHICH REMINDS ME this wig has 0 combs so make sure you bobby pin it to secure it in place otherwise the wind probably could snatch your wig off.

My Final Thoughts:

After rocking this wig for 3 weeks I am retiring this one back to the bag as a potential for a halloween look this year. I will not be repurchasing just because it got to be unmanagable very quickly and the matting was out of control. It started to look like a old twist out that needed a wash too fast for my liking and though the initial look is fantastic I just think I would have to buy it too quickly to get my money worth. (unless I keep cutting the matte parts away)

What are you favorite wigs? or hairstyles?

Review| Ardell Faux Mink Lashes (811)

Hey Loves,

While I was in Ulta (when I should not have been there for course) and I came across the BOGO 50% for the Ardell lashes. My favorite lashes of all time are the 411 Curvy and the Wispies but you guys I think I found another one to be in love with. The new Ardell Faux Mink lashes and more specifically the 811 (see the relation to my favorites)


I bought them from Ulta for $5.99. Their biggest claims are that these lashes are lightweight and they have a “invisiband”. Since I am not used to wearing lashes I always feel my lashes especially when I am sleepy. I can see that they look gorgeous on me. However because it is an “invisiband” (which basically means clear) I recommend using a black lash glue because otherwise you will have to put black liner over it like I did and it could look like this:


I will say that I did not take my time putting on the lashes when I tested them because I was running late and that is why they are a little uneven. These are also the first pair of lashes that were long enough to go from one end of my big eyes to the other and that made them even better in my book. Actually not that I think about it, Ardell is really good with making their lash bands long enough to cater to us big eyes. There is a clear band with no lash on both ends which I just made sure dried directly onto my liner so it looked seamless. Using liquid liner was also better than my pencil liner that I normally use.


Even though I used clear lash glue, I think the look came out pretty awesome. Have you guys tried these out yet? What do you think?

My Experience


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Hey Loves,

I wanted to do something that I see a lot of big youtubers and that is talk about a website. Today I will be sharing my experience with Which surprisingly was not that bad. Usually when you see the big youtubers talk about a online store the clothes never look as good as the ones that were sent to them. (Am I right?)

I love to state the obvious but for transparency, I bought all of the products myself. I ordered from boohoo twice and both experiences were different. In January it pretty much took the entire month to get my order. I ordered again in February and it took a week. Oddly enough the only difference between the orders was the SMELL. Yes, the smell. The first order smelled absolutely TERRIBLE. The best way I can describe it is by comparing that smell to that of the really bad odor in some of the beauty supply stores that I refuse to go in.

The clothes themselves were fine. Please watch the above video for all of my thoughts. I did however leave the links to everything that is still available on boohoo that I talked about. Also Boohoo has a lot of good sales so unless its for an event I suggest you wait for one of those sales and make your money go a little further.

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Plus Paige PU Sleeve Jersey Duster Jacket

Plus Emma Choker Detail Drape Sleeve Midi Dress

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Plus Rae Pocket Front Jersey Maxi Dress 

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March Ipsy 2017

Hey Loves,

I decided that there was no need for a video because I was very uninspired with March. Funny thing is I actually planned to write this but life has been trying to make sure I did not have time. So for the sake of making sure that I address this now:


Tweezers by Chella: I am going to be very honest, they are just a pair of $20 tweezers, so thank you Ipsy for giving it to me for less. That being said though I like the creative design there is nothing special.

PUR Cosmetics Disappearing Ink 4 in 1 Concealer in Dark: I have not tried the concealer yet but when I swatched it, the concealer and it was very cool. I still plan on trying it out when I return home.

Eyeko Fat Eye Stick in Satin: Since Ipsy already introduced me to this brand with the amazing eyeliner I was ok with trying the stick, but like I said this is nothing new. I seem to always get one eyeshadow that is always a chrome-ish color.

Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint: OOO LOOK another Tarte lip product. And it is ANOTHER red lipstick. According to Ipsy I guess that is the only color I can wear unless its a pink gloss. I am definitely sick of tarte lip colors in my ipsy bag.

Curl Keeper Leave-In Conditioner for Dry Hair: I can say that I left this in the bag when I saw it but decided to throw it on my hair while it was drying and I can say that it did feel good on my hair. I am just still refusing to buy new hair products. As you guys know the Spring/Summer time where I am trying to optimize growth and sunlight.

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March 2017 Favorites


Hey Loves,

Since I have been kind of taking a makeup hiatus I can definitely say that my favorites are a little more diverse than normal. Here are my March Favorites:

  1. Miss Jessie’s Leave In Condish $11
  2. Formula 10.0.06 Pore Strips $5.99
  3. Ciate London Gelology Top Coat $17 (Got it from Ipsy)
  4. Essie Nail Polish Flowerista $9
  5. Essie Grow Stronger Base Coat $9
  6. Stunning Streamlined Designer Inspired Aviator $5
  7. Wet n Wild Mega Slim Skinny Mascara $6.99
  8. First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Purifying Mask with Red Clay $30
  9. Real Techniques Miracle Mini Erasers Sponges $5.99
  10. Porous Point Pens

So what have you guys loved this month?

Single Girl Survival Guide| Budgeting

Hey Loves,

I have not done this in a very long time and I feel that it is only right to start on something that has become a big thing in my life and that is trying to get my money right. By that statement I mean that I want a substantial savings account, start investing and making sure my retirement plan with my paycheck is updated accordingly.

We are a generation of living in the now and we do not plan for the future because we want to live for today AND I still believe there is nothing better than living how you want to. However we should probably address the fact that there will come a time when you need money unexpectedly and maybe you want to retire or even venture out into your own thing eventually. For this you will need cash…

I am by no means an expert in fact I actually write my budget in my calendar planner on a  paycheck by paycheck basis so that I can force myself to be accountable with my money. Since starting this blog I have had to invest in some things that did require me to save and to practice some kind of discipline. So here are 5 tips that I am currently either already using or getting ready to use to better my money game:

  1. Write it out: Plan your bills ahead of time so you know which ones are automatic transfers, needs a check, etc. In general this gives you a better understanding of how much spending and savings you can afford.
  2. Treat your savings account like a bill: For me when I lay out my bills I include savings because I set a goal of how much I want to save each month. So when I go online to pay a credit card or a utility bill, I also transfer some money to my savings account.
  3. Have separate accounts: I can honestly say having my savings account separate from the account my paycheck actually drops into has helped me a lot. I pretty much do not see my savings account unless I am actively making sure the transfer went through.
  4. Consult an accountant or a broker: There is no reason you cannot learn about money and investing from people who are actually trained in just that. Just do your research on your own as well. I never suggest taking anyone’s word for face value. These could also be ways for you to grow your money and in fact hire someone. (I am working to this point)
  5. Strive to pay off big bills so you can be more liberal with your budget so if that means you have to stay home a couple months then do it. It will be completely worth it.