Review| Juvia’s Place Magic Palette


After one destroyed memory card and 2 reshootings I finally have a video for you guys. Yes I know I have another Juvia’s Place palette and YES I know I may have a problem.


Please Click Here For Video

Please check out my video the for live swatches but I did want to take the time to post them because some of them need reassurance. I can say I apologize because some of the photos look weird but I am tired of retaking and retaping so just love me anyway.

Here are my swatches because there is really no point for me to keep going on and on about how much I love Juvia’s Place. I will leave links to my previous reviews as well if you want to see. This palette is still sold out but check back on her site regularly.

(Note: The finger swatches are in reverse or how they appear in the  palette)

First Row: Nubia, Zakiya, Osun, Kesi

Second Row: Zuba, Nana, Boronu, Kogi

Third Row: Faso, Aja, Vai, Yemoja

Fourth Row: Ife, Yara, Buzo, Yejide

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Funny Reasons I Must Be Skinnier

Hey Loves,

Over the time I have struggled with weight and weight loss. There have been moments I have had where I find myself laughing at the reasons I want to lose weight. I hope you find this humorous because to me these are real true life reasons.

  1. I miss sitting with my legs fully closed and I miss not feeling like my thighs are smashing any and all seats. Sometimes I even find myself having to actively squeeze thunder and lightning together. (OUT OF CONTROL)
  2. The struggle to bend down is getting worse when it comes to painting my toes. I have now had to start coming in from the side and that is not okay.
  3. Would love to see a difference after drinking dandelion tea to prevent the bloat.
  4. Thunder and Lightning deserve breathing room and I would like the discoloration of the inner part of my thigh is real.
  5. I AM SICK AND TIRED OF DESTROYING PANTS from my thighs rubbing together so fiercely
  6. I am not sure if it even matters but I want relief of the marks on my skin after taking off my stuff like taking off my bra or my jeans.
  7. I want to fit into my shoes without worrying about finding wides because I used to be able to comfortably rock Nikes.
  8. I want to fully close my jackets.
  9. I am tired of hulk smashing shirts with my juicy arms.
  10. To actually see results in real life not just on the morning I didn’t eat.

I hope someone found these funny as I got a good chuckle. I wrote this about 6 months ago and was truly debating on whether or not to post it. I decided to post it because this was really how I was feeling at the time.

Hair|Outre Synthetic Lace Front Wig – 4c Coily


In an effort to find a wig like the Fingercomber wig but with better customer service I have stumbled across the Outre line and I was definitely intrigued. So much so that I bought the 4a-Kinky and the 4c-Coily. This however is about the 4c.

For the best description of how it looks coming out of the box please click the picture above for the video. It comes completely shrunken and the best way to “fluff” is to pull and tug a little on the hair. The picture on the website looks very misleading as compared to the wig I actually received. It is definitely not that big (yet).

Here are my wig stats:

I bought it from: Sam’s Beauty (CLICK HERE FOR WIG)

Price: $25.99

Color: DR2730

Type: Synthetic, Lace Front

No Part

Can apply heat (but why would you)

After wearing the wig for a week straight the size of the wig did not change which says to me that it may last me for a while. The only reason why I am not wearing it right now is that I want to twist to let my scalp breathe. For now I can say that I really like the wig and the color, though it looks great on my skin tone it is taking some adjustment. If I choose to buy this wig again I will probably go back to 1b.

FullSizeRender 5

What do you guys think?

Review || EM Cosmetics Lipsticks

EM Cosmetics

Click Here For the Video

I am finally back with another lip swatch video and it is a brand I have been extremely curious about for a while. Let me give the quick run down:

EM Cosmetics


Infinite Lip Cloud (8 Shades)

Colors I bought: 

FullSizeRender 4

Top Left-Right: Spanish Earth (Earthy Brown) , Rose Nude (Light Pink Nude), Violent Magenta (Deep Magenta) , Faded Clementine (Soft Tangerine), Ultramarine Violet (Deep Blue Violet), Muted Mauve (Dusty Rose)


Applies as a vibrant liquid lipstick, and wears to a beautiful stain

Luscious matte finish

Velvety, air whipped Creme

With one swipe, enjoy the rich color payoff, with a lasting, comforting finish

My Thoughts

These lipsticks go on as butter and they are so rich and creamy. They feel extremely good on my lips and I love the color. I will say that the lighter colors (Muted Mauve, Rose Nude, and Faded Clementine) needed a couple coats before I got an even color BUT I did not need a lip pencil at all. As far as the matte claim it looks great but it definitely transfers so just keep that in mind. The one swipe claim might be true with the darker colors but you definitely need more than one swipe to get the color pay off the website reaches. I am very much enjoying these lipsticks.


What are you wearing?| Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)


Hey Loves,

So as you know I started another what are you wearing and because sulfates is such a massive and important topic I have decided there is no way I can do this super quick and because of this I am here with part 2. I was originally going to start with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) HOWEVER I decided maybe SLES should be the biggest thing to say.

Please view my Sulfates 101 to really know everything that sulfates do. No point in repeating what I already did. Just incase you need a refresher, it is a inexpensive and very effective foaming agent. It is derived from lauryl alcohol so be prepared to remember that as well.

As a quick reminder if you do not have time to refresh with Sulfates 101, SLES is a anionic detergent, surfactant, and it is considered to be a very inexpensive and effective foaming agent. (REMEMBER clean does not equate to the amount of foam, that is just marketing that has us believe this since the 1930s)

You can find SLES in facial cleansers, body cleansers (Shower Gel), shampoo, dish soap, toothpaste, and pretty much anything that has the “cleaning” objective. Surprise you can even find SLES in LUSH PRODUCTS (CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO SEE WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT)


Potential Side Effects

According to the Cosmetic Ingredient Review it can be an irritant if used around eyes, on skin or becomes airborne. This type of risk is usually associated with a lot of chemicals but I wanted to mention it here anyways. However I want to talk about something that I found to be very interesting. To make SLES less “harsh”, it can be mixed with Ethylene oxide. Ethylene oxide, according to the California Environmental Protection Agency classifies it as a “possible” developmental toxicant. It is said that Ethylene oxide can cause problems with your nervous system.

You would think that is a big enough concern BUT the real issue is what is produced when you mix SLES and Ethylene oxide. It produces a known carcinogen (labeled by the International Agency for Research on Cancer) known as 1,4-Dioxane. Now the next question is WHY ON EARTH WOULD THIS EVEN BE ALLOWED TO BE USED? Well that is very simple, during the manufacturing process 1,4-Dioxane can be removed from the product by a vacuum stripping process. Only problem is we do not know which company actually uses this or not since they are not obligated to specify any of this. Me personally I am going to start looking into the manufacturing processes of the companies that I like just to see how it is done. If I figure out how to do this I will definitely let you guys know.


Other Names




(That I will post at the end of every blog and in the description box of every video)

  1. This is just information that I have found myself while researching and therefore it is not my own information. I will leave links to all the original files and even other bloggers who dove into this before me. I am not an expert but I want to share what I have found.
  2. At no point during this series should you take the information given as the GOLDEN STANDARD. Listen to your own body and do what is working best for you. So if you find out a product has a chemical that does not work for me and your skin is fine…KEEP IT
  3. Always feel free to do your own research and come to your own conclusions
  4. A dermatologist is a great source of information


Cosmetic Ingredient Review

2010 Final Report on Re-Review


Paula’s Choice

Disadvantages of SLES

David Suzuki Foundation


Be Well


Cosmetic Info

Single Girl Survival Guide| Packing for a Quick Weekend (Girl’s Trip)

Hey Loves,

I feel like I have not done one of these in a while and I figured it should be travel related. If you are like me, traveling is pretty much the ultimate bae and at any time you will be seeing him again. One of my favorite quick trips is a girl’s weekend. Though it is very tempting to just put your entire wardrobe in a suitcase and pray it is less than 50 lbs., I have some ideas that can save you money and time:

  1. Save yourself $50 (unless it is Southwest) and just carry on. Lately I have noticed airlines are getting stricter about carryon luggage but just make sure one of them can definitely fit under the seat in front of you
  2. Pack your smaller purse in suitcase and carry a bigger bag as a carry on
  3. I suggest a roller bag rather than a duffel bag.
  4. When deciding on what to wear I suggest picking a color palette and go for that. That way you can interchange things and one or two pairs of shoes makes packing much easier.
  5. ALWAYS use plastic bags or Ziploc bags to hold your toiletries. I suggest putting plastic in your containers to help them from leaking. Then I put them in a Ziploc bag just to make sure. Plus I can squeeze that into smaller spaces in the suitcase.
  6. Well these are my top tips for packing for a girl’s weekend. I hope you guys enjoy yours fully.

Safe Travels!!!

Hey Girl?! What Happened to Fitness?

Hey Loves,

So it has been 3 years for my blog and my youtube channel and I am still very happy doing this. HOWEVER, for those of you who have been here since the beginning then you know that originally I started my platform to journal my weightloss and assumed by now I would be feeling great, Gucci and awesomeness. Around last year this time was probably my last fitness video and I have no excuses other than I have not been consistent and I have let life run me to the ground.

Lately when I record videos all I can see if my super round face and my “adorable” double chin. At this point I do not even know if it is real or if I have personified the “issues” more. I have also been watching a lot of youtube videos that I figured I would make and I was searching for something. All of the times I have tried to lose weight and all the times I did not has just made me do the reflection.

The most honest thing I can say is that I do better when I have someone to report to other than myself. Obviously some people are not going to like that but it is the honest truth. I am not the person who can stay dedicated in the nature and I want to get it together. So I am trying to figure out a way to handle this. I will be testing something out for May but it will only be for the last 2 weeks of May. I also have the fitness journal and SNAPCHAT is my daily reminder. Pretty much if I don’t post about it I am not happy about it and I need to keep the journey going despite all of the bad moments.

Plus living in a hotel for more than a week SUCKS and I am honestly ready to be back in my house. Either way I am saying, it is coming back and I am tired of it. I will be trying a couple different ways to experiment about how I “journal” the info.

What have you guys done to lose weight?