Hair Review| Brown Sugar Signature Part Full Wig BSS103 Royale


Hair Stats: 

From: Ebonyline (Scroll Down to see why this was my last time using them)

Price: $22.91

Color: 1B/Galaxy

Type: Human Hair Blend

Parting: Deep, Side

First let me just say that trying to get this particular wig was a different type of headache. Originally I made the choice for 1B/Galaxy and waited about a month before I realized I have never even got a tracking number. I had to email them where they claimed (of course not informing the customer) that they did not have this color available (why is it on the site) and that I should pick another color if I want it sent out sooner (remember it has already been a month). So then I pick 1B/denim and sure enough, it took another 3 weeks before I got a shipping number. To my surprise I have 1B/Galaxy which really makes me question the entire email correspondence between their customer service. For this reason I have switched to Sam’s Beauty and ebonyline can have their lies and then not my money.

Now about this hair….I love it. I think the color is fantastic and it is just enough color for me. I also like that the color is focused heavily in the front and that is still kind of has an ombre. This hair comes to my shoulders and it is full and lovely. In the video I did not have to cut or style this wig which is a great plus! I will say that the deep part is not entirely visible but because it is curly hair I did not really see that as an issue.

It has been my weekend wig for the past 2 months and I have not experienced any real tangling but unlike most curly wigs it is not growing massive by the day. I notice the big hair happens on when I try to fluff the hair out with my hands.



6 Ways To Save During the Holiday Season

Hey Loves,

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Technically this could be another Single Girl Survival Guide but the more I thought about it, the more I felt like this is something that I will be doing well after I am on to the next part of my life. Holiday season is my favorite time of the year but also it is extremely stressful for me. I have been out and on my own (with no parental assistance) for 5 years and these are the tips that I use to ensure that I am not pulling my hair out or considering prostitution come Christmas:

Book Flights Early

I use a lot of flight alerts and multiple sites to shop for flights HOWEVER the app of the times for me has been the HOPPER app. I recently found a round trip ticket to San Francisco for $80 because of that app. You can even set it to watch only non stop flights which is usually what I use for the holiday season. My tips for booking early is that find better flights when I look on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursday. No I do not know why but that is when I normally book flights. I also do not mind doing red eyes and super early AM flights which makes it cheaper. JUST keep in mind if you use an app or a travel site ALSO make sure that is not for BASIC ECONOMY. A lot of airlines have created a level lower than Economy which means you are the last to board, no overheard space AND you cannot pick your seat. Also keep in mind baggage fees and things. Holiday travel is way less stressful when you plan ahead.

Create a Holiday Budget

I know that on my video I refer to it as a travel budget but I also include gift ideas I have for my family and whoever else I want to include in my gifts this year. I do not believe that gifts have to be bought and sometimes I plan out when I am going to make things if that is the decision I make. I also recommend that if you are shopping from ETSY to do it early. You never know how long it will take to make before it ships.

Buy presents early

If you are like me, I actually avoid Black Friday shopping in the morning and I go to the department stores in the afternoon after I get off work. The sales are usually still there and it means I do not have to deal with the crazy people you see on the news. I should also note that if it something that is not a special sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday I will buy them early. There is nothing wrong with that. I learned as an adult that my parents would buy things throughout the year and just hide them from us.

If going Home, ship gifts early

This is something some people would not like to do but I definitely do this. I tell my mom that I have packages being sent and she just puts them in the closet. This will save you shipping cost and space in your bags. Plus you do not risk them getting ruined in your bags because EVERY YEAR something happens to my checked bag and I would rather not risk that.

Book all travel together

This is another money saver. If you book a flight than I suggest you book how you are getting to the airport, where you sleeping, and car rentals at the same time. I say this because the parking areas around the airport are so much cheaper than the airport parking but during the holidays I have noticed that none of them are available. They usually give you the option to reserve your parking spot and you can save so much money. The airport that I am leaving from is $5/hour BUT outside parking garages are $6/day with a coupon for staying there for a week. Also I forgot to mention check out bundles and coupons. My insurance has a discount with certain car rental places and I am a hotel points person for every major brand of hotels and those points come in handy.

Travel Snacks and Water Bottle

My last and final tip is to save money while you are in the airport. I know that since you have to get to the airport around 2-3 hours early you have the urge to want to spend money whether it is because you forgot to eat, ran out of time or just did not even consider that. If you are person who would rather eat in the airport then add it to your TRAVEL BUDGET. Me personally, I hate spending $5 on a bottle of water so I carry a bottle with me and I ask for a cup of ice. A lot of airport have water bottle refill stations that are filtered and I take full advantage of that. I will say make sure that your bottle is open and empty before going through TSA. Then fill it up once you get through. Depending on the time of my flight I have usually just ate my meal before I leave and I carry snacks depending on my mood.

What do you do to save during the holidays?

Sephora VIB Haul | Fall 2017

Sephora VIB Haul

List of Items Bought (With Links)

Sephora Collection Hand Mask Aloe Vera

Sephora Collection Foot Mask Almond

Sephora Collection Clay Mask – Oxygenating & Detoxifying

Herbivore Jasmine Green Tea Balancing Toner

Origins Clear Improvements Active Charcoal Mask to Clear Pores

Lancome Energie de Vie The Smoothing & Purifying Cleansing Oil

Sephora Collection Bright Future Color Correctors Concealers Orange

House of Lashes Holiday Gem Set 

Did you go to Sephora for this sale? What did you get?

What are you Wearing? Serums

Serums Template

I am happily back with this video and it was a little complicated with how I wanted to bring this information to you. I decided to venture away from my normal format for these type of videos because this is not typical. Today I am not focusing on one ingredient but instead focusing on one product and that is SERUMS.

Serums are what you apply to your skin after the toner but before the moisturizer. This is because serums have a higher concentration of ingredients and are made in a way that absorbs into the skin faster than a moisturizer. As most serums are water based they usually recommend you put a moisturizer and sunscreen on. Please watch the video above but I also want to show you the current serums in my skincare line.

Mario Badescu – Vitamin C Serum $45 (Ulta)

This particular serum is the one I have been searching for since I made the Vitamin C – What are you wearing? video. You only need 3-4 drops every other day and it is fantastic. It is used to even out my skintone and I must say I have got a glow about my skin right now.

Boscia Tsubaki Beauty Oil $46 (Sephora)

This particular oil was a whim purchase based off a suggestion from a beautiful faced woman who worked at sephora. I use it with my moisturizers and especially after my makeup was removed.

Origins Original Skin Renewal Serum with Willowherb $40-$54 (Sephora)

This is my holy grail serum. I have to rebuy about every 3-4 months and though it is not the cheapest it is my favorite. I have noticed a drastic change in my skin since using this and after a year I can say I will not be letting this one go unless something comes out better. This is the serum I use everyday and I use it on the nights I am not using my vitamin C serum.


What is Serum?-Into the Gloss

Web MD – The Truth About Facial Serums

Huffington Post – What is Face Serum, and How Does It Work? 


Single Girl Survival Guide | List for Household Items

Happy Wednesday Loves,

This guide is going to be a little different. This is something that I have recently started looking into and that is bullet journal list specifically for household things. This is something I have been thinking about because living alone brings two things to the forefront: YOU DO EVERYTHING YOURSELF and SOME ITEMS NEED TO BE REPLACED.

Recently I have had to replace light bulbs and you know the most annoying part about this? The fact that I could not see what kind of light bulb I had in there to replace it. And that is where the idea of a Item Household list comes into play. The ITEM household list is where I am keeping track of the types of light bulbs I use and anything else that will eventually require a replacement of some sort. I have also made it a point to include where I bought them from. (I have not perfected my lists pages yet so you will have to wait for another blog to showcase my list to you all)

Another list for Household is a Chore schedule. I am making a schedule for my Fall Cleaning and my Spring Cleaning that I do every year. I am also making a chores page similiar to Master Chore List from Pinterest. I know some people do not like chore lists but sometimes I like having a full list (that does not change) to make sure that I am addressing things that are not a regular chore (such as dusting floor boards).

Another list for Household is a list of your utilities providers. I personally do not write down my passwords in my bullet journal for security purposes (though if someone wants to pay my bills go right ahead) but you can use this for that kind of file system as well.

I do not keep these lists in my current bullet journal because they will probably not be changing. However I keep them in my “collections” insert. This is where I keep the things that do not change such as holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and now household lists.

How do you keep track of everything?



Jina Template

Brand: Model Model

Hair Type: Synthetic Hair Blend

Color: OF203

Price: $20.99

First Impressions

The hair itself is extremely soft. I like the ombre blend of this hair. I wish I did not have to pay an extra $2 for this effect but I like the way OF203 looks on my skintone. Find a non traditional bob has been a struggle for me and I like the cut of this wig. I am curious to see how this wig holds up with everyday wear but for now it is holding its shape nicely.

I plan to do another wig update on this hair when it has reached its term of life for me using it so stay tuned.

Happy Monday.